About DCS

The Campus Security Station, located in Botetourt Hall, provides 24-hour-a-day campus security services to the campus community.  Security Officers are linked to the Security Dispatch Center by two-way radios. Security Officers conduct foot and motor vehicle crime prevention patrols of the campus grounds, administrative/academic buildings, and occasionally residence halls, with increased emphasis during the hours of darkness. Security Officers also provide additional duties such as safety escorts on campus, enforcing parking regulations, responding to calls for service, and assisting with special events.

Our Security Dispatch Center is located within the Campus Security Station in Botetourt Hall. The Center is staffed and operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year by Security Dispatchers. The campus emergency number, 540-362-6911, directly connects any campus phone with the Security Dispatch Center and should be used when fire, police, medical, or emergency Campus Security response is required or there is a threat to community safety. This number is also published in the student handbook. For information, safety escorts, and other non-emergency calls, students and employees should call the 24-hour non-emergency number, 540-362-6419.