Student Parking Permits

Student Parking Permits

I am a student and need to purchase a student parking permit.  How do I do this?

Students will submit a student parking permit application online, here.

Below is the necessary information needed to submit your parking permit application:

  1. Please complete all of the fill-able boxes that apply to you.
  2. Your HU ID # is your nine (9) digit A number.
  3. The vehicle VIN is required ONLY if the vehicle is currently displaying a temporary license plate.

By submitting your online parking permit application, you agree to abide by the parking rules and regulations of Hollins University.  Upon acceptance of your application, your student account will be billed for the cost of the parking permit.

Undergraduate student parking permits are $75 for an academic year.  Graduate and Horizon student parking permits are $50 for an academic year.  Depending on the purchase date, parking fees may be less.  Additional or replacement student parking permits are $5.

Once the application has been processed, the appropriate parking permit along with a parking brochure will be assembled for you.

Residential student parking permits will be delivered to your campus mailbox.

Commuter student parking permits will be ready for pick-up at Campus Security in Botetourt Hall.

Facial coverings and physical distancing practices will be required when inside of Campus Security.